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In what ways can a mould allergy affect you?

If you have learned from your allergy testing results that you, in fact, have a mould allergy then you may be panicking. This blog is designed for those who have found out that they are allergic to mould, and they want to know what the consequences are. You will also be able to understand the […]

What foods should you avoid?

A common question we hear is whether or not allergy testing or intolerance testing can help stop a variety of symptoms that you might be experiencing, including headaches, fatigue and migraines. The answer is yes, it can and at Allergy Test Australia, we are always happy to help. Below we have listed what symptoms indicate […]

Coping with Hay Fever and a Pollen Intolerance

With the first day of Summer on the horizon and the Cricket Season nearly in full flow, at Allergy Test Australia we’re looking forward to picnics and barbecues on the grass and taking long walks in the countryside. However, for some, that might also mean stocking up on the antihistamines and avoiding the outdoors at […]

Another food is primed to join the big eight allergens…

Sesame allergy has been in the news a lot recently, and most people in the allergy testing industry cannot stop talking about it. But why? Well, the news has broken that sesame allergies are more common than previously thought, and sesame itself is about joining the big eight allergens, making it nine! What are the […]

Is rain any good for people suffering with a pollen allergy?

Sometimes, there are long, hot days which are great for activities, and pollen levels can affect many people suffering from a pollen intolerance or pollen allergy. This often leads to people wishing for a rainy day (it’s true)! They want the pollen to be washed away, but it doesn’t always work like that. BUT, rain […]