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A bit worried about consuming certain types of fish because you have discovered that you have a seafood intolerance? Summer is actually not that far away here in Australia! It means that the BBQ’s will be out in no time and you’ll be wanting to throw all that shrimp on the BBQ. Allergy Test Australia know that it is not that simple though. So many customers that we speak to either have an allergy or an intolerance to seafood and we often help them out.

Allergy Test Australia are able to offer advice, guide people and also provide quick and efficient results. If you are a first time reader of the Allergy Test Australia blog then keep reading on to gain some knowledge you never knew you needed. If you have never heard of a seafood intolerance then you ought to have an intolerance or allergy test to find out.

What is a seafood intolerance?

Seafood intolerance is different from a seafood allergy. If you have an allergy to seafood then your body is producing an abnormal response to what is usually considered as a harmless item. If you do have a seafood intolerance, then it is completely different. At Allergy Test Australia, we often find that people are using the terms allergy and intolerance interchangeably, but this is not recommended. An allergy can be life-threatening if not treated or managed correctly. A food intolerance is all about avoiding the food and avoiding the symptoms that come with it. If you are struggling with stomach issues, we would recommend an intolerance test. If you are coming up in rashes and nausea every time you are eating seafood then we would recommend an allergy test and also a consultation with your doctor.

Symptoms of a seafood allergy

The symptoms of a seafood allergy will generally appear within a couple of minutes of an individual ingesting the food. They can sometimes take up to an hour to appear, but when they do, the damage is often dangerous. So, if you ever eat seafood and then experience abdominal pain, dizziness, wheezing and swelling of the lips within the next two hours, you are likely to have a seafood intolerance. If you develop any signs or symptoms of anaphylaxis then you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor.

Symptoms of a seafood intolerance

If you are exhibiting the symptoms of a sensitivity to seafood, you will need to order a food sensitivity test to either confirm or allay your fears. Symptoms of intolerances are mainly in the digestive system, with diarrhea, constipation and fatigue often a sign that you have a food intolerance. There are various types of seafood, but you should be very careful and make sure you study which seafoods you can eat. Order an intolerance test to find out whether or not you have a seafood sensitivity.

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