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Identifying Lactose Intolerance

A bad relationship with food isn’t uncommon if you’re suffering from unknown food intolerance. It makes sense if the food we’re putting into our body to fuel it is being received badly, then it’s likely you’ll associate that bad reception (or, better put, symptoms) with food and be reluctant to try anything new or even […]

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Cheese Intolerance: What does it mean?

So, could cheese intolerance actually be causing you suffering and pain? Could it be the reason that you are feeling poorly and sluggish in the morning? You can find out now by ordering an intolerance test from Allergy Test here. Think back to it now, when you’re eating a big roast dinner with the family […]

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Receiving your Results

You’ve just received your intolerance test results, but the question you’re asking yourself is what do I do now…? Well, you should definitely not panic after you have initially read your report as there are always that you can deal with food intolerance. The most common method is an elimination diet, which helps you to […]

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How can a food intolerance test help you?

Occasionally, digestive disorders may be due to food intolerance or particular foods. So when we talk about food intolerance, it’s a type of hypersensitivity (non-allergic) that can be caused by various aspects such as immunological, toxic, enzymatic, etc. and can negatively affect the metabolism. Testing for food intolerance will help us know what to do […]

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