Is Black Friday Shopping A Big Deal? - Allergy Test Australia

The season has arrived for every shopper to get a great deal: Black Friday. Whether you are familiar with this shopping holiday or not, you will find that it has a wonderful air of excitement. So, what are these Black Friday savings you’ve been hearing about? Is Black Friday even something to put time and energy into when shopping in Australia? Or is it a holiday for the Yankees? Below is all you need to know!

Do Aussies celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday coincides with American Thanksgiving. Since Australian culture is very different from American culture in Thanksgiving, most would assume that Black Friday would be majorly overlooked.

And for many years, this was very much the case. However, this shopping holiday is starting to worm its way into Australian culture. Black Friday is getting more and more popular each year for both Australian shoppers and Australian retailers. After all, Australian shoppers need to keep up with their international competition. This should include Black Friday deals.

Many Australian retailers will offer deep discounts and discounts for shoppers that cover Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They often will start before the holiday weekend, too.

Black Friday vs. Boxing Day

If you are in the know about your shopping holidays and routines, you are already familiar with the fact that Boxing Day is usually the biggest celebration of the year for getting steep discounts and sales. Is that still the case?

Research suggests that Black Friday savings will bring in approximately $10 billion, which is expected to far surpass the traditional Boxing Day sales. But this is no reason to panic. Remember, there are no rules; you can hit both shopping days and get the best of both worlds!

Black Friday is the best time to shop

If you pay attention to the research above, you can see how Black Friday is the most logical choice for getting the best sales and savings. The news is spreading, too. Polls suggest that 36% of shoppers intend to do their holiday shopping in November instead of waiting until December. As well of that percentage, 11% are specifically waiting until Black Friday weekend to get the best deal out there.

Not only can you get great sales and savings, but you can also save yourself the hassle and frustration of shopping in crowded shops or slow websites come December. It is a win-win when you think of it that way, wouldn’t you say?

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It is often very surprising to readers that Black Friday is as big a holiday as it is for shoppers. With the statistics that you saw above, though, it’s easy to see that many people are both prepared for and looking forward to Black Friday shopping and the discounts and savings that it offers! All that’s left is to grab your mates and head out to the shops! Better yet, shop exclusively online and skip the queues!