Harnessing The Power Of Bioresonance Hair Testing - Allergy Test Australia

Bioresaonance hair testing is a holistic physical method used therapeutically to treat various diseases. Bioresonance hair testing uses an am change to measure the frequency wavelengths used to diagnose diseases.

This method can be used to diagnose and therapeutically treat diseases. This biophysical method of treatment can alter the affected person’s energy field, increasing the person’s autoimmune system and improving their general health.

How does bioresonance testing work?

Bioresonance testing is rooted in the idea that when a cell or organ is unhealthy, it emits altered electromagnetic waves because of DNA change. Because this type of testing can detect and diagnose a disease, changing these frequencies back to normal can also help treat a disease.

There are different ways to conduct bioresonance testing. You can use one’s hair or get electrodes hooked on your body to read the energy wavelengths coming from the body and then use them to diagnose. The machine can manipulate Those same energy frequencies and make them vibrate in their normal frequencies, restoring their health to normal.

Do bioresonance hair tests work?

Yes, they do. Bioresonance hair testing uses information in your DNA, stored in your hair strand, to diagnose food intolerance or sensitivity. This testing uses Multiple Analytical Resonance Systems (MARS III) machines that compare the frequencies in various items against your hair.

Comparing the two frequencies on a machine database helps establish their levels of imbalances in the body. The imbalance frequency varies from item to item.

The results are abnormal when a specific item has a frequency response of over 85%. Bioresonance hair testing, however, doesn’t check for IgE antibodies and can’t diagnose food allergies. It can, however, help diagnose food intolerance.

What has bio resonance been used for

Bioresonance therapy has been used to treat and diagnose many conditions. There has been research showing its usefulness in health-related issues like:

Food sensitivity

There have been results over a long time on whether it works when diagnosing and managing allergies. However, it can quickly help diagnose food intolerance. Unlike allergies, intolerance downriggers the body’s immune system, making diagnosing it through a hair strand easy.

Smoking cessationDo bioresonance hair tests work?

There is a 2014 study that consisted of a placebo group. The results showed that 77.2% of people in the bioresonance group successfully quit smoking after a week of therapy compared to the other group, which consisted of 54.8% of those that stopped smoking.

A year after the study, the bioresonance group consisted of 28.6% of individuals who had altogether quit smoking compared to 16.1% of people from the placebo group.

Rheumatoid arthritis

According to research, bio-resonance can help normalize antioxidant function within the body to help with rheumatoid arthritis. Since antioxidants are great at fighting free radicals, restoring their normal function can reduce tissue damage in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Stomach pain

Bioresonance has been used to reduce or even cease stomach pain, and this wasn’t associated with a specific diagnosis. It helped lessen the pain no matter what caused it.


So far, there haven’t been any studies to prove that bioresonance can help with cancer treatments. However, a working theory explains how it can activate tumour-suppressing genes or lessen the effects of overactive cells, which can eventually help kill the illness.

However, this is still a theory that needs to be proven. Also, it’s hard to reverse most cancer-causing genetic mutations; hence we cannot prove the help of bioresonance in cancer treatment at the moment.

Overtraining syndrome in athletes

Burnout is also another name for this condition. Most athletes suffer when they don’t fully recover from competition and training. Burnout can cause mood changes, frequent injuries, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and changes in resting heart rate.

According to research, bio-resonance testing can help overtraining syndrome by calming the sympathetic nervous system and bringing heart and blood pressure back to normal. When these actions happen in the body, it lessens burnout syndrome.


When bioresonance therapy is combined with manual and point massage, there is improvement in muscular pain compared to when manual therapy and pint therapy are done alone. It also helps improve sleep issues and weather changes sensitivity.

Risks of bioresonance hair testing

So far, there haven’t been any side effects found related to bioresonance. It is an aimless procedure that is relatively cheap. However, don’t let it hold you back from getting professional’s help or using other evidence-based treatment methods.

We encourage those looking to get their sensitivity testing done to first consult with their doctor. Most intolerance symptoms can end up being a result of certain underlying conditions. If those conditions are treated, they can help improve tolerance to different foods.

Final thoughts 

Bioresonance hair testing is a complementary and alternative form of medicine. Some studies show its positive effects on health and wellness. However, it should allow you to consult a professional, as getting all the help you can is good. Bioresonance hair testing has no side effects, and you should try it out if you need to know your food intolerances. You can do so by getting a Sensitivity Test. Even though food intolerance isn’t life-threatening, it causes uncomfortable side effects that can affect your life quality.