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The Best Way To Watch The Women's World Cup Final!

The Best Way To Watch The Womens World Cup Final!

For avid soccer fans, the wait is almost over! The Women’s World Cup Final is this weekend, and it’s time to get yourself fully prepared to sit down and enjoy the ultimate soccer match you’ve been waiting for. If you want to know how to do that right, we’ve got all the details below, including […]

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Should I Get An Allergen Test?

Often thrown to the wayside amongst the developmental years, receiving an allergen test is often not made a priority with physicians. After all, the focus is on development and meeting standardized tests. However, an allergen test should be an integral part in every child and adult’s life, simply because it offers up a full picture […]

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How does the Skin Prick Allergy Test Work?

There are many options out there for allergy testing these days to determine which one is the right method for you. One of the methods is the classic skin prick allergy test. This has been long-thought as the prime method of allergy testing and certainly has its benefits. Here’s what you should know-how about it […]

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Why should I get an Allergy Test?

Shocking Allergy Test Statistics It’s now estimated that almost 4 million people in Australia are avoiding food groups due to allergies according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This Australian health survey exposed a group of people to nuts, gluten and dairy, to monitor reactions and collect the results. The stats created are shocking, and people need […]

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In what ways can a mould allergy affect you?

If you have learned from your allergy testing results that you, in fact, have a mould allergy then you may be panicking. This blog is designed for those who have found out that they are allergic to mould, and they want to know what the consequences are. You will also be able to understand the […]

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What foods should you avoid?

A common question we hear is whether or not allergy testing or intolerance testing can help stop a variety of symptoms that you might be experiencing, including headaches, fatigue and migraines. The answer is yes, it can and at Allergy Test Australia, we are always happy to help. Below we have listed what symptoms indicate […]

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