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Well, well, well, what you think may be a healthy diet, could in fact be causing you a lot more harm than good. A food pyramid is not the perfect diet guide for EVERYONE! This is because it depends on your food intolerances and food allergies. There are even members of the same food group which have different effects on gut bacteria, as a study highlighted in the Daily Mail UK suggests.

What have the Daily Mail reported?

The Mail reported that researchers analysed the diets and stool samples of 34 people over 17 days… In fact, they even found that similar foods, such as vegetables had a different effect on different people. Leafy greens like kale and spinach had a similar effect, but vegetables like carrots had a different effect.

This shouldn’t put you off vegetables

We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat vegetables because of the symptoms that are possibly caused by a food allergy or intolerance, as any food can cause these symptoms. We tend to think of food in terms of broad categories of the food pyramid, and we separate vegetables, meats, dairy and other food products. But do you really know what a healthy diet is? Can food allergy and intolerances really affect you that much? Find out more about eating healthy foods and optimising your diet with a food intolerance test.

What does healthy eating involve?

As long as you have checked your allergies and intolerances, healthy eating is very beneficial. Typically, healthy eating consists of vegetables, salads and fruit, and a serving of wholemeal cereals and bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. Unfortunately for many individuals, these foods also contain ingredients which are the most popular (for want of a better word) food allergens. Common food allergens include wheat, gluten, fish, shellfish and nuts, as well as many more. So, in order to eat healthier and avoid issues like bloating, headaches and stomach issues, you need a food allergy test from Allergy Test Australia.

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