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Sometimes, there are long, hot days which are great for activities, and pollen levels can affect many people suffering from a pollen intolerance or pollen allergy. This often leads to people wishing for a rainy day (it’s true)! They want the pollen to be washed away, but it doesn’t always work like that. BUT, rain causes plant growth, which actually ends up producing more pollen! So, the question we are really asking, is rain actually good for people suffering from a pollen allergy?

There is some good news about rain and pollen allergy

You may or may not be aware that pollen counts tend to be higher when the weather is dry. You would expect rain to make plants grow, as this produces more pollen. So, a dry spell would mean less pollen surely, and less of the symptoms, including a runny nose and headaches! Well, a fun (or not) fact is that when it is dry, trees actually release more pollen, meaning the wind blows. This helps pollen to travel further and therefore have an impact on even more people!

So, having rain can actually be good if you are struggling with your symptoms of allergies. Light showers though! This washes the pollen away and keeps it from travelling through the air…

BUT, there is always a but…

Even though rain is good for pollen allergy, it can be bad. On the whole, it is better. But rain can cause issues for those with allergies to grass, weeds, dust and mold! This isn’t so good…

When it rains, and it pours, drops of rain can hit the ground with proper force. In turn, this results in clumps of pollen being split up! This means it can be dispersed quicker, which will cause an increase in allergy and allergic asthma symptoms, which come about from the shower. This tends to happen during more sudden and heavy rain, so you must be careful.

You shouldn’t be scared of rain or pollen

All in all, if you have identified that you have a pollen allergy thanks to Allergy Test Australia, then there are ways to manage it. You don’t have to stay inside and live in fear of rain and dust and pollen! It just won’t happen. We provide fantastic solutions, and detailed reports, as well as a 28 day follow up programme upon purchasing your test. Never worry about your intolerance and allergy symptoms again because Allergy Test Australia can help!

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