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How to take your urine sample

The procedure must be followed exactly to achieve reliable results. Do not compare strips with the color chart before the strip is dipped in urine.

Step 1 | Receive your testing kit in the mail

Once you have received your test kit, please take the test when you have a 10–15-minute space available. Open the test kit in the bathroom and layout all of the components so that all of the instructions can be followed accurately.

Take a small cup or container to collect your urine into the bathroom.

Please ensure you are well hydrated and need to urinate before taking the test.

Step 2 | Taking your sample

Using the small receptacle, collect a sample of mid-stream urine.  A mid-stream urine sample means you don’t collect the first or last part of urine that comes out. This reduces the risk of the sample being contaminated with bacteria from:

  • Your hands.
  • The skin around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body.
Step 3 | Taking the test

This procedure must be followed exactly to achieve reliable results. Do not compare strips with the color chart before the strip is dipped in the urine.

  • Dip the strip into the urine up to the test area, ensuring all reagent pads are fully immersed. Dip for no more than two seconds
  • Draw the edge of the strip along the brim of the container to remove excess urine; be careful not to allow the test areas to touch the brim of the vessel.
  • Turn the strip on its side and tap once on a piece of absorbent material to remove any remaining urine.
Step 4 | Reading the result

NOTE: Do not read the results after 2 minutes as this may read in a false-positive result.

  • Compare the colors of the reagent pads exactly after 60 seconds (Leukocytes after 90-120 seconds) with the color chart under good light. While comparing, keep the strip horizontal to prevent possible mixing of chemicals when excessive urine is present.
  • Results are obtained and interpreted by comparing the color of the test pads on the strip with the color blocks printed on the color chart. In the event of unexpected or questionable results, confirm that the strips have been used before the expiry date printed on the pack then repeat the test using a new strip.
  • If the results are outside the normal levels, then consult your doctor. (This will be on the instructions you receive).

Frequently asked questions

What health tests do you offer?

Vitamin D at-home blood test, urine sample liver function testing, urine kidney testing, and DNA wellness propensity reporting.

View our health tests here.

Do I need to visit a health practice for this testing?

No, all of our health tests come with complete instructions so you can complete the tests at home quickly and easily.

Are your health tests scientifically validated?

Yes, all the health tests we offer on our site are scientifically validated, easy-to-use, and shipped to your front door.

How often should I complete a health test?

We recommend to our clients to complete health tests once or twice a year, as they are the fastest way to get easy-to-understand results that you can act on.

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