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(1) IgG4 and IgG4-elimination diet in no clinical migraine

Here at Allergy Test Australia, we strive for excellence in our field, and our medically approved, scientifically backed white paper studies are no different. In the report ‘IgG4 and IgG4 elimination diet in no clinical migraine’ we look at the direct link between IgG4 food intolerances and migraines.

Even in today’s medically advance era, the exact pathophysiology of a migraine still unclear. We conducted a study to see if the occurrence of migraine attacks may be triggered by contributing factors and if food is one of them. Since the 1930s, food allergies and sensitivities has been investigated for a link to migraines. Immunoglobulins IgG antibodies against various food antigens have been reported to be associated with migraine, and the beneficial effect of a diet guided by IgG antibodies to food in migraine patients.

In this observational study we demonstrated for the first time that there is possibility to use IgG4 antibodies and IgG4 elimination diet for the management of some no clinical migraine patients. To confirm these findings, we are looking at extending this study to a larger group of patients with the help of medical clinics, to collect more data and understand better the role of IgG4-elimination diet for the management of symptoms in no clinical migraine patients.

What did we hope to find out?

With this study we hoped to find out the correlation between IgG4 elimination diet and the management of no clinical migraine symptoms. We have demonstrated that in some cases this could be possible, confirming the possibility to use our IgG4 tests to investigate and possibly manging some no clinical migraine symptoms.

This preliminary investigation is showing for the first time, that in certain cases of no clinical migraine the use of IgG4 elimination diet could help the management of migraine symptoms. This is confirming that our IgG4 blood test can be used as tool to help managing no clinical migraine symptoms through an IgG4 elimination diet and making the first steps to find a better version of yourself.

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