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3 Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

An intolerance test from Allergy Test Australia can determine whether or not you have a food intolerance. Perhaps one of the most commonly known intolerances is Lactose Intolerance, and these tests can help you to identify and discover what intolerances and...

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Coping with Hay Fever and a Pollen Intolerance

With the first day of Summer on the horizon and the Cricket Season nearly in full flow, at Allergy Test Australia we’re looking forward to picnics and barbecues on the grass and taking long walks in the countryside. However, for some, that might also mean stocking up...

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Do I have a meat intolerance?

Are you a meat lover? Do you overindulge on meat? If so, you may have developed a meat intolerance. Have you found yourself asking the question; 'Do I have a meat intolerance?' Well, it is time to find out! Take an intolerance test with Allergy Test Australia to find...

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3 signs to look out for when identifying an intolerance

Following on from last week's interesting blog on living life with a wheat intolerance, this week we have decided to see if you know how to spot a food intolerance. If you don't, there is no need to worry, that is what we are here for.  Wheat happens to be an...

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Understanding your food intolerances

Wherever you look, the topic of food intolerances is being spoken about. They are increasingly common and it is integral that we learn what our bodies might be intolerant to and what our food intolerances can do to our health. They can have an effect both mentally and...

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