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Common Food Allergies

Hi guys today we want to inform you about the Food Allergy prevention project initiative sponsored by the National Allergy Strategy. You may be have noticed that since August 2020 a new social media campaign started using a 15 a second video about feeding the common...

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Is Fish The Best Source Of Protein?

Fish is an excellent source of protein.  The National Health And Research Medical Council, Australia's foremost health research body, advises that Australians should eat more fish. Fish contains a lot of nutrients; it provides energy, selenium, protein, vitamins A and...

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Australians’ Antihistamines Usage is Increasing

Statistics can sometimes lay things out for us in black in white in a form that we can understand better than anything else when it comes to development over time. That’s why they’re around, after all. Recently, data has shown that the usage of allergy medication (as...

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Types of Food Intolerance Tests

Food intolerance tests have had some much-needed evolution over the years, and this has enabled them to be more cost-effective and more accurate, which is great for those looking for answers to their digestive-related problems. If you’re looking for some support when...

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To Which Animals Can You Have A Pet Allergy?

An allergy to animals is known as a pet allergy. When you have a pet allergy, you are allergic to the proteins that are present in your pet's skin cells, urine, or saliva. Symptoms of pet allergy include a runny nose and sneezing (typical symptoms of hay fever)....

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