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Receiving your Results

You've just received your intolerance test results, but the question you're asking yourself is what do I do now...? Well, you should definitely not panic after you have initially read your report as there are always that you can deal with food intolerance. The most...

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How can a food intolerance test help you?

Occasionally, digestive disorders may be due to food intolerance or particular foods. So when we talk about food intolerance, it's a type of hypersensitivity (non-allergic) that can be caused by various aspects such as immunological, toxic, enzymatic, etc. and can...

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3 tips to control your portion sizes

Hey there! We know you want to lose weight and deal with your food intolerance! Weight gain is harder to control than ever due to the increasing amount of foods on offer and the variety of ingredients that are used. Another issue is that restaurants are more...

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Drinks are a part of our culture, but are they a problem?

In recent years, Australians have been urged to ditch the fizzy drinks which are bursting with sugar. Fizzy drinks are full of ingredients which can cause us to experience symptoms like headaches, fatigue and a bloated stomach. But what causes these symptoms? Could it...

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Making 2019 your year of health

With 2019 still relatively young, you are probably thinking about setting your goals to ensure you reach optimum health and happiness in the coming months. Check out these seven healthy steps that you should follow in order to maximise your health over the year. 1)...

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Did you know how important nutrients are to our health?

Hmmm, are the nutrients really being leached out of supermarket, fruits, and vegetables? It can't be. It has been drummed into us from an early age that there is nothing more important than getting our full intake of nutrients and eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a...

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