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So, could cheese intolerance actually be causing you suffering and pain? Could it be the reason that you are feeling poorly and sluggish in the morning? You can find out now by ordering an intolerance test from Allergy Test here. Think back to it now, when you’re eating a big roast dinner with the family or chomping on down some meat at a family BBQ, how often do the cheese and wine come out afterwards. A lot of people look forward to this, BUT not if they have either a cheese intolerance or an alcohol intolerance.

Having an intolerance to cheese

So, first things first, if you suspect that cheese is making you feel unwell, you need to make sure it is an intolerance, as there are many reasons people feel unwell. You should always check with your GP about your symptoms but if your symptoms continue to be undiagnosed, then a food intolerance test may be exactly what you need. Trying an elimination diet is what we would recommend, especially if an intolerance test from Allergy Test Australia has highlighted that you have an intolerance to cheese or dairy ingredients.

What are the symptoms of cheese intolerance?

By now, you may have realised that it may not be cheese specifically that you have an intolerance to, but more ingredients like dairy, or any other milk-related intolerances. But what are the symptoms of cheese intolerance? See below and please contact us if you recognise any of these symptoms:

  • Bloated Stomach
  • Stomach Pain
  • Gas
  • Diarrhoea
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Brain Fog

Other food intolerances

If you would like to know more about food intolerances, or a cheese intolerance in particular, then please do log on to to find out more about your food intolerances. We can help you to identify your symptoms and causes of your sensitivities, so please do feel free to email us or to contact us via LiveChat.