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Do you suffer from Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerant people have a hard time digesting milk foods and drinks because of low levels or lack of lactase which is an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose into fructose and galactose which are important for the body. Lactose intolerance should not be considered an allergy. Lactose intolerance is a digestive disability which does […]

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Have you taken an Intolerance Test with us?

If you have taken an intolerance test with Allergy Test Australia, it may be that your test has not identified any allergies or intolerances, yet you are still experiencing symptoms. Don’t worry though, this is a good starting point and is one from which you can further explore the root cause of your symptoms. Allergies and […]

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Living with Hay Fever in Australia.

Living in both Australia and New Zealand can be hectic at this time of year. Whilst over the other side of the world, Britains are wrapping up for Winter, but here in Australia, we are soon to enter Hay Fever season! Oh no, we can hear some of your groanings, but do not worry, Allergy Test […]

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3 Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

An intolerance test from Allergy Test Australia can determine whether or not you have a food intolerance. Perhaps one of the most commonly known intolerances is Lactose Intolerance, and these tests can help you to identify and discover what intolerances and sensitivities you may have. You can avoid symptoms below such as diarrhoea, flatulence, and bloating by […]

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Identifying a Food Intolerance with an Intolerance Test

How can a food intolerance test help you? All food items require enzyme for digestion. Enzyme deficiency is the cause of food intolerance. Scroll down to find out if you may have a food intolerance by examining the symptoms and what you should look out for.   Chemical causes There are chemicals in drinks and food […]

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What is it like to live with a bloated stomach?

Pain in the intestines, discomfort, bursting from the inside, gases – all this brings huge inconveniences. But if some people have this problem episodically, then others suffer from bloated stomach continuously. What is the reason for the constant bad feeling? In fact, the cause of a bloated stomach can be, as different diseases, and poor nutrition. At the […]

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Do I have a meat intolerance?

Are you a meat lover? Do you overindulge on meat? If so, you may have developed a meat intolerance. Have you found yourself asking the question; ‘Do I have a meat intolerance?’ Well, it is time to find out! Take an intolerance test with Allergy Test Australia to find out more! WIth the Summer just […]

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10 Foods to avoid in Australia when living a Wheat-Free Life

Has your intolerance test from Allergy Test Australia identified that you are intolerant to wheat? No dramas everybody, our expert team are here to help! By following some of our tips for living a wheat and gluten-free life in Australia, you will have a brighter future ahead of you.  What is Gluten?  If you are identified […]

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