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Understanding your food intolerances

Wherever you look, the topic of food intolerances is being spoken about. They are increasingly common and it is integral that we learn what our bodies might be intolerant to and what our food intolerances can do to our health. They can have an effect both mentally and physically, and so it is important that […]

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Everybody reacts differently to certain foods.

Happy Father’s Day! What is a better present to give your father than his health and happiness? Well, with Allergy Test you can. The perfect gift for your old man can be an intolerance test to help him identify his intolerances. Why stop there? You may feel like treating your whole family, as you all […]

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Our top 5 intolerances!

Allergy Test Australia has found that the Top 5 intolerances that our valued customers fall culprit to is dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs and pollen.  We understand that having a food intolerance can make life difficult sometimes. We want to make life easier for you so that you can make informed decisions and feel better from […]

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An allergy test which is a home from home

You’re not feeling very well, your headaches are getting worse and your stomach is consistently reacting to certain foods. Are you looking for a solution? You’ve found one. It is a home allergy test. This is because here at Allergy Test, we are always happy to help our customers and we believe our tests can […]

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Picnic Hazards: 4 things to watch out for

At Allergy Test Australia, we absolutely love a good picnic. Naturally, most of us do, but what does it mean for those of us who have an intolerance to certain foods? Well, you can still enjoy it by taking an intolerance test. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the great outdoors? Other than throwing shrimp […]

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Two for tests, tests for two

How would you like to celebrate International Friendship Day? Would you consider your partner to be your best friend? If you do, then we have the perfect solution for you. Allergy Test Australia have come up with 5 ways you can ensure you enjoy a day out with your best friend, stress-free from any bodily […]

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5 ways you can get the most out of an Elimination Diet

Intolerance Testing with Allergy Test, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It doesn’t just sound good, it is good! Identifying your intolerances will see you being able to dress to impress, as an elimination diet will completely rejuvenate you and change the way you feel. Here’s how you can get the most […]

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Top 10 Food Intolerances for Australia

Wrapping up warm this Winter? The cold may be the least of your problems. This is especially true if you have not considered food intolerances. The solution is to look into food allergy testing, which we at Allergy Test Australia can provide you with, alongside a 99.5% customer satisfaction rate. How can we help you […]

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