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Allergies and intolerances occur all year round, but are you prepared to cope with your symptoms? You can discover the causes of your allergies, intolerances and food sensitivities by ordering one of our allergy tests today. With our home-to-lab intolerance and allergy tests, you can learn which food items are potentially causing your trouble. Allergy Test Australia has been able to develop market-leading health tests which have helped people all around the world. 

Spoilt for choice

Yep, once you have visited our website you are given a real variety of options to choose from when it comes to picking your intolerance or allergy test. Whether it be the Advanced or Family intolerance test, or the Choice 70 and Prime 110 allergy tests, all of these are able to give you an insight into your diet. We are also proud to offer intolerance tests for pets to our clients. When purchasing one of these, you can discover how your pet reacts to certain food items and what the possible cause of your symptoms are.

Understand your health and your body

Upon ordering your intolerance or allergy test, you can receive your results directly to your email address, allowing you to start making positive changes to your health. Our tests are also easy to use, as we have made our customer journey easy to follow. Having an understanding of your body is a wonderful feeling, but how do you know which test would be right for you? Our FAQ’s answer the majority of these questions, but here is a snippet of what you may find below:

Hair testing

Our tests are less invasive and considerably cheaper when compared to blood tests. With blood testing, your last meal can affect the results; however, with hair testing, the information is stored for a longer period and reflects a larger time frame.

Blood testing

Your sample instructions are found with your kit. However, click here to read instruction to help you with your blood spot testing. Please note though: Click on the Contact Us button on our website (open Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day (GMT), and we will arrange for new lancets and a new blood spot testing card to be sent out to you immediately. From here, this will cause a delay in your intolerance or allergy testing process so we recommend following the instructions carefully the first time you take your test.

Find out more about what an intolerance or allergy test entails right here. To order one, click here