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Wrapping up warm this Winter? The cold may be the least of your problems. This is especially true if you have not considered food intolerances. The solution is to look into food allergy testing, which we at Allergy Test Australia can provide you with, alongside a 99.5% customer satisfaction rate. How can we help you with your food intolerances? To help you out this Winter, we have identified our Top 10 food intolerances for you to look out for. Did you know about many of these allergies?

1) Fish

Consuming that tasty looking shrimp on the Barbecue is typically a Summer trend in Australia, but in Winter, many people are partial to eating fish during the Winter. However, fish can be a real issue for some. Although fish has mainly considered as beneficial to us, it can also cause problems when it comes to eating this delicate treat, as our body may have an intolerance to this food. Food allergy testing can help you to become a better you by identifying your intolerances, helping you to avoid fish.

2) Wheat

Wheat is everywhere and is a part of most food intolerances. It is hard to avoid as it is incredibly prevalent in most foods. However, the good news is that there is a wide variety of alternatives to wheat-based foods for you to try. If you have undergone food allergy testing and have discovered that you have a wheat intolerance then take a look here and find out how you can make the most of a wheat-free diet.

3) Eggs

A major part of our diet, eggs can also be our own worst enemy. Why? Although they contain they lot of protein, sometimes too much egg can cause our body to develop an intolerance to the protein and nutritional goodness that it usually pumps our bodies with. Our piece of advice is to take a food allergy test and find out what food intolerances you may have. If you are intolerant, then you should try eliminating eggs from your diet for a minimum of six weeks. If this makes you feel better, then you can slowly reintroduce eggs back into your diet. See? It’s not the end of the world.

4) Nuts

Food allergy testing can be incredibly important when it comes to nuts. Nuts are one of the most infamous allergies and have the potential to be fatal. However, you may simply have a nut intolerance, meaning you should stay away from buts but the consequences are not as severe. Eliminating nuts from your diet could see you become increasingly more confident in your body and feel much better in yourself, as symptoms like skin irritations and headaches will slide into the distance as a result of you not having nuts anymore. If our tests highlight that you are intolerant to nuts, then you do not have to give them up forever, but just for a while.

5) Yeast

Yeast is notoriously difficult to locate in some foods which is why it makes it into our list of Top 10 intolerances. It is a common ingredient and present in both foods and drink, meaning food allergy testing is very important when trying to diagnose a yeast intolerance. It could make you feel unwell, fatigued and lethargic, hampering your ability to do your job or having an effect on your social life. Therefore we encourage you to consider food allergy testing, as a yeast intolerance could be the answer to solving all your symptoms.

6) Dairy

Yes, you may have to cut out that glass of milk in the morning or consider dairy-free alternatives to milk to go with your bowl of cereal. Doesn’t that cheese board look tasty? It may well do, but if you have a dairy intolerance you have to avoid it. This isn’t the end of the world though, again, as you may simply have an intolerance to it, or your symptoms could be something else entirely. Food allergy testing can help you to understand your dairy intolerance and help you figure out what is causing your symptoms. So, it may not be goodbye to cheese and dairy forever, but it is important you find out for sure.

7) Seafood

Seafood is a luxury for many. Often more expensive than other foods, there are probably more additives in seafood than other foods. Also, annoyingly, there tends to be a lack of alternatives to seafood, other than to not eat it. However, eating seafood could be doing you more harm than good. Once you have taken part in food allergy testing processes, you can go with a clear head to a seafood restaurant next time you are invited for someone’s birthday, and knowing you food intolerances will give you a clearer mind.

8) Alcohol!

Do you want the good news? Although food intolerances must be dealt with, Alcohol is quite easy to avoid if you are found to have an alcohol intolerance. Food allergy testing analyses items and ingredients, and some items (yeast) are found in alcohol, meaning it can identify what items in alcohol you are intolerant to. Although it can be frustrating trying to avoid alcohol, it is sometimes necessary in order to ensure you feel better both in yourself and in your body.

9) Gluten

Going gluten-free can be difficult, but also beneficial. How? If you have a gluten intolerance and food allergy testing has highlighted this, then it can make your symptoms go away. Being careful as to what you can eat when you have a gluten intolerance, a gluten-free diet does allow you to still eat many common foods. These foods that are naturally gluten-free include potatoes, rice, fish, meat and perhaps most importantly, you can still tuck into your fruit and veg.

10) Fruit

5-a-day keeps the Doctor away. Can you really be intolerant to fruit? The chances are slim, but with our bodies developing constantly and the population increasing annually, there is a chance that you may develop an intolerance to fruit. The solution? Be careful and watch what you eat as you do not want to eat too much fruit and too many vegetables.

We hope this information has helped you. Please remember that a food intolerance can go away, so, be positive and by identifying your food intolerances with Allergy Test Australia, you can eliminate these foods from your diet and live a healthier life with a brighter, positive future. Feel free to come over to and talk to our customer service advisors who are happy to help you on a 24/5 basis.