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Winter is gone! The summer is here, so why are you still sniffing?! Well, it could be because you have an allergy. A runny nose does not necessarily mean you are presenting the signs of a cold, and it may be either a virus, an allergy or intolerance. Therefore, it is vital that you find out the difference between an allergy and a cold. You can do this through an allergy test. Take a look here at what could work for you.

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An article in Simplemost has outlined the best ways to notice a difference between an allergy and cold. It is important to note this as Cold and Flu season can overlap with allergy season. Many people associate runny noses and watery eyes with hay fever, particularly during the Spring. But did you know that Ragweed and Mold Spores can also trigger your symptoms in the Autumn and Winter? Is it possible to tell the difference between your average allergies and a full-blown cold? Yes. Take a look at the best ways to tell below:

Blowing your Nose

An easy way to tell the difference between a cold and flu is to look at your mucus colour. This is not everyone’s favourite way of telling, but it is an easy way to tell. Simplemost indicate that if you have discoloured mucus then you are likely to have a cold.

Examine your Eyes

If you have an allergy then you are likely to be prone to red, water and swollen eyes. Of course, your eyes may be runny if you have a cold, so it is important that you do notice what the difference is. By ordering a sensitivity test from Allergy Test Australia, you are able to identify which items are causing your issues.

Other Cold Symptoms

Some symptoms that are more specifics include headaches, sore throats, and aching muscles. So, even though Winter is over, there is definitely still a necessity to ensure that you get tested for allergies and intolerances. Don’t grapple with allergies and intolerances, make sure you discover the causes of your symptoms today and order a Test from us today.

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