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Living in both Australia and New Zealand can be hectic at this time of year. Whilst over the other side of the world, Britains are wrapping up for Winter, but here in Australia, we are soon to enter Hay Fever season! Oh no, we can hear some of your groanings, but do not worry, Allergy Test Australia have found the worst places to live in Australia when it comes to suffering from hay fever. Although this might be bad news because you live in one of these places and have a pollen intolerance, a sensitivity test could be the help you need.

Places with High Hay Fever rates

So, if you live in one of the below places, you should take an allergy test to see if you are intolerant to pollen. With Australia having one of the higher hay fever rates in the world, it is important to know whether you suffer from allergies or not.

1) Canberra

Canberra has an incredibly high rate of hay fever sufferers. Look at it like this, Australia’s capital comes in first place and has people reporting hay fever symptoms at an extremely high amount. With the number of people that do not know if they suffer from any allergies, this number could easily be increased. The location has a massive impact on whether or not you have an intolerance, and this then releases more pollen than other native species. If you want to identify whether or not you have an intolerance to pollen, then please order an allergy test today!

2) Tasmania

Coming in second place, although probably relieved not to be in first, is Tasmania. The number of locals in Tasmania that have reported suffering from hayfever is extremely high. This is thought to be due to the Northern Winds which carry pollen to the more Southern regions in Australia. Struggling with hay fever whilst living with Tasmania? Find out today if you may have hay fever by identifying your pollen intolerance.

3) Western Australia, Victoria, and South Australia

According to Natural Allergy Treatment in Australia, these places come in at third place. There is a particular flower which causes a wealth of issues to those living in the Southern part of Australia. Like most of Australia, the varied speed of winds affects each and every territory. If you suspect that you may be suffering from hay fever, then please log on to and identify today why you may be experiencing allergy symptoms during the summer!

Managing your hay fever symptoms could be the trigger that you need in order to embark on a happier and healthier life. Check out now!