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Autumn is coming… But your allergies have already arrived. Affecting both food allergies and intolerances, the nights will start to close in, meaning there is a temptation that people will begin to start eating out again as people become lazier and more dependent on their food allergies. With the nights closing in, we are now faced with all the new challenges that less sunlight and the chillier weather brings. Make sure you are prepared to cope with your food allergies. 

One thing that doesn’t happen with the change of seasons, however, is the problem of food allergies and intolerances, and the misery that it causes. Whilst food allergy testing is a good way to get to the root cause of any food issues you may have. Have you tried allergy testing? There are some other things that can be done to alleviate your food allergy symptoms. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a few Autumn tips for coping with food allergies.

1) Hydration

It’s something that we’re often told to do, but not everyone drinks as much fluid during the day as they should. And as much as people might think that fizzy drinks and coffee count towards the required daily fluid intake….unfortunately, they don’t. Food allergy testing pinpoints the exact nature of the foods your body can’t cope with, but drinking lots of fluid will help flush out your system and can alleviate the symptoms you feel, especially when it comes to things like a bloated stomach and diarrhoea.

2) Exercise

There are some other things you can follow in order to try and make yourself healthier. Doing plenty of exercises, you can run, walk and swim to get your body moving. Add exercise to the other benefits offered by food allergy testing, including a brand new and healthy diet. It will not be a surprise to anyone that exercise helps individuals to enjoy happier and healthier lives, but the overall improvement to your body and mind cannot be underestimated. Fatigue and lethargy can be a shame that can often result from food allergy can be really helped with regular exercise – even if you literally just pop around the estate or along the road.

3) Eat Better

Once you get your results, you should eat better and make sure you minimise your intake of troublesome foods. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of vegetables will boost your immune system and reduce the overall levels of health. If your body is getting all the nutrients that it needs, then we can manage your problems which may show up through food allergies testing. By reading and studying your report, you can manage your food allergies a lot easier.

Food Allergies

Of course, if you aren’t fully in possession of the facts around exactly what foods you’re intolerant to, then food allergy testing is something that you should consider. Not least because you could be unintentionally making your symptoms worse by eating the foods you are mistakenly thinking you’re ok with. At Allergy Test, we offer painless, scientific blood screening services as well as bioresonance hair testing