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Wow, a news report has indicated that to avoid peanut allergies and the subsequent symptoms, you need to give babies peanut butter before they turn one, and this will help them to avoid allergies, as reported by authorities. Yes, you read that right, so if you are considering allergy testing to test for peanut allergy or any other, and want to manage your child’s symptoms, this could help you. 

Food and Peanut allergy

The report states that parents should introduce foods, including peanut butter into their baby’s diet before they turn one year old, and this will actually reduce the chances of you developing an allergy. This is very important to read considering Australia has one of the highest rate of food allergies in the world along with the US! In Australia, around one in 10 babies born here are allergic to common food allergens like peanuts, eggs, and even milk. Many of them are diagnosed before they are one year of age.

The National Allergy Strategy

The National Allergy Strategy (NAS) believe that the country’s allergy rates are only going to get worse, with Australia seeing a 7 per cent a year rise in the last five year. Food allergies are becoming more prominent but Allergy Test Australia can help both parents and their children to manage their symptoms. Unfortunately, as allergies are life-long and also life-threatening, there is no cure, but avoiding the allergen is a must. This is why we recommend allergy testing as a necessity.

What should you do?

But should you be giving peanuts or peanut butter to a child even though they are potentially allergic? Some people would think no but there has been research which has identified this, and there is even more research being ploughed into the development. Allergy Test Australia itself possesses state-of-the-art laboratories which help us to establish whether or not a child possesses an allergy or an intolerance. Remember, if an intolerance has been identified then it is not necessarily the end of the world. We can guide you through the process of managing your intolerances, and help you to understand exactly what foods you need to avoid. can nuts affect your bloated stomach?

Interesting quote from ABC

“In a statement, the Federal Government said it was “supportive” of the NAS and had provided $1.1 million in funding for it since 2016. It advises parents to not give children peanuts, or food containing peanuts, before the age of six months.”

This shows that food allergies should still be taken seriously, and if anyone does not know that they have a peanut allergy then it could lead to life-threatening symptoms like anaphylactic shock. So, to identify whether or not you have a peanut allergy or any other food allergies, order your allergy test today.