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Hmmm, are the nutrients really being leached out of supermarket, fruits, and vegetables? It can’t be. It has been drummed into us from an early age that there is nothing more important than getting our full intake of nutrients and eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day.

Make sure you get enough nutrition

Everybody knows that there is nothing more disappointing than a sour mango or bland strawberry from a big chain supermarket. In order to find out if you are getting enough nutrition from your fruit, you can order an intolerance test which details whether or not you are eating the right amount of nutrients.

Eliminating Offending Foods after an intolerance test

A recent article has suggested that people are starting to avoid supermarkets’ fresh produce, which could see them missing out on nutritious foods. Some people avoid and eliminate foods from their diet because they think that they are causing  This is why an intolerance test is so important, as you never want to eliminate foods which are not actually causing you pain, as they may be beneficial to your health.

Delicious Lunch Recipe

But what can you eat? It is important that you consume the nutritional items that you need, as well as still being able to eat tasty foods. Check out this lovely recipe from Nutrition Australia which delivers a delicious meal whilst also helping you to achieve all your health goals at the same time. A hearty nourishing soup of beef, tender pearl barley and plenty of vegetables is not something you can turn your nose up at easily.

Not everything is how it looks

Remember, even though the food may look nice and taste nice, it may actually be causing your body more harm than good. You should find out immediately whether or not you can eat all the foods that you are consuming, as something as simple as broccoli could actually be causing symptoms like a headache, bloated stomach or a general runny nose.

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