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Hey there! We know you want to lose weight and deal with your food intolerance! Weight gain is harder to control than ever due to the increasing amount of foods on offer and the variety of ingredients that are used. Another issue is that restaurants are more determined to offer value for money and so offer bigger portions. But below, you can see Allergy Test Australia’s 3 tips to control your portion sizes and make sure your weight gain does not get out of control. 

1) Buy smaller plates

Yep, it sounds simple, but there is always a temptation to fill your plate to the maximum. Nobody likes empty plates at the start of a meal, so the best solution is to buy smaller plates. This means that your portions will automatically be smaller, and the chances of you developing a food intolerance may decrease rapidly. This is because food intolerance can happen due to overindulging on one particular food.

2) Ask for smaller portions to avoid food intolerance

Again, pretty simple but sometimes it is hard to resist. If we do go out to eat, it is usually a treat and so we want to make the most of it and get value for money! Research has suggested that restaurant serving sizes are actually a lot bigger than we would usually get at home. If you are worried about your food intolerance or are thinking of trying to lose weight, then the best option is to believe in yourself and simply ask for a smaller portion. It can be hard but it will also be incredibly beneficial. If you do have a food intolerance or food allergy and you are eating out, then you can always call ahead.

3) Fill yourself up with a glass of water

We all know that you should drink up to 2.2 litres a day of water, as this will naturally aid your health and wellbeing. But did you know that drinking water can also fill you up? Yep, being well-hydrated means that you may be able to distinguish the difference between being hungry and thirsty, meaning you will want to eat less!

Of course, your weight gain and bloated stomach may not actually be caused by food intolerance but something else entirely. It is still important though that you watch what you eat as food intolerance symptoms are difficult to deal with and can cause pain in your social and work life. For more information on food intolerance and our testing process, please log on to www.allergytestaustralia.com.