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Oh no! If you have found out that you have a food allergy to certain items then you need to remove foods from your diet. You can find out which food items you need to remove with an intolerance test. This can be tough, but this blog is all about vitamins and supplementing your diet with the right foods to ensure you get the correct amount of vitamins. If you’ve had to remove citrus fruit from your diet, for example, and you need to introduce new foods to get vitamins, then you need to continue reading…

Requiring Vitamins

Vitamins are required for essential bodily functions, and cannot be synthesised throughout the body. This means, that they must be ingested through a diet. They provide the key to unlocking and using macronutrients for a specific purpose in the body. An example of this is when B vitamins are needed so that you can produce energy for the body, BUT the deficiency of this nutrient can result in fatigue. So, what do you do?

An in-depth look at vitamins

Well, vitamins are either water-soluble or fat-soluble, and this means that they require this substance to be present in order to absorb them! Everyone has different levels of how much vitamins and minerals they require, as it also depends on how much physical and mental activity they do themselves. So, if you are a keen runner or a fitness fanatic then it is vital that you get more vitamins. However, what is important for everybody does get some level of minerals and vitamins into their body. If you are suffering from a food allergy or a food intolerance then make sure you get hold of your test ASAP.

Vitamin C

To get the right amount of vitamin C into your diet, you need Red Peppers, Guavas, Kale, Kiwi, Broccoli and even Brussel sprouts.

Vitamin D

To get the right amount of vitamin D into your diet, you need to eat more Salmon, Trout, Tuna, Mushrooms and Buttermilk. A varied diet is essential in order to enhance your health and happiness.

Vitamin E

To ensure you get the right amount of vitamin E into your diet, you must make sure that you add dark leafy greens, including cooked spinach, turnip greens, shellfish and even avocado

Food Allergy or Intolerance

For more information on getting your vitamins and identifying which foods you need to include/exclude in/from your diet, then you can log on to and speak with our Customer Service advisors, as they will be delighted to assist you with any questions which you may have. Identifying your food allergy or food intolerance could be what you need the most in order to achieve a happier and healthier you.