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You deserve to be in charge of your own health as well as all of the details that make it sustainable for you. Part of getting the full picture on your life and your body is going to be an allergy test. There are a few options out there, including a hair sample test, a finger prick test, and a blood sample test. Determining which method that is right for effective testing for you, in particular, is critical to getting the results that you need and deserve for a positive overall approach on your health.

Blood allergy testing

One of the best options for dedicated results is going to be a blood allergy test. This is different from the traditional method of a patch of skin test, or even different from the new hair root sample test. However, it is gong to be perhaps the best option to get you the complete picture you deserve. Why? Take a look for yourself.

• The bigger the sample, the better the results: When you go with a hair root sample, you are relying on the root of the hair to offer up the diagnostic results. With a placard full of finger pricked blood, you have five different samples that will be used to give. The results will, therefore, be easier to verify and use for proper allergen testing. That’s not to say that hair root sampling isn’t ineffective, it’s just that a blood sample is going to give you more to go on.

• Blood samples don’t require a doctor: Another perk of this kind of testing is that you don’t need to go to a GP or anyone else for the test results. You’ll be able to do the test, send it off and get the results all from your own home and on your own schedule.

• It’s painless and safe for children: If you are looking at getting an allergy test done for your child or even for an adult that is uncomfortable with regular blood work, this finger prick is a great way to do it. It is fast, just as effective as a classic full blood sample test, and it will be virtually painless. From children to adults, allergen testing doesn’t have to be stressful of even scary. It’s simply fast and effective for anyone who needs it done.

There are other effective ways to test for allergies, but when you want results that are you going to be done on your terms and provided to you in the convenience of your own home — along with other patient-specific advice on how to live with your new allergy — look no further. You’ll find that a blood allergy test is the best option for effective results, even if you didn’t think you could ever come around to the idea of a blood sample on a placard. Just one example of how technology can sometimes be your best friend in the world. May as well harness it for the greater good, right?