Allergic to Eggs? Try These 3 Replacements - Allergy Test Australia

There’s a lot of literature about dealing with allergies means you have to miss out and sacrifice, but this is actually pretty far off from the truth. Sure, discovering that you are allergic to eggs means that you’ll need to make some changes, but there’s no rule out there that says those changes need to be bad! In fact, now more than ever, there are options for alternatives anywhere you want them. You’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of recipes just like everyone else; they’ll just employ the use of replacement ingredients to help keep them safe for you.

Delicious replacements for those who are allergic to eggs

Here are 3 of the best options for egg replacements in everyday meals and recipes. Some of them may surprise you, but all of these are tried and tested replacements for eggs that are so convenient, those who don’t know they’re replacements won’t even notice!

  1. Store-bought replacement: With the prominence of food allergies, there are all sorts of replacements for common allergens, and eggs are one of them. You can find a few options for commercial egg replacements that often use potato starch as their base. These are great to use in any recipe and will not have any change in flavour. For those that are particularly sensitive to flavouring, this is the best option. 
  2. Mashed banana: This is a wonderful way to enjoy a little extra fruit in your daily diet. Often popular in brownies or cakes, mashed banana can be used in small portions to replace eggs. In this case, consider replacing 1 egg with 1/4 cup of mashed banana. Some state that this can give a mild banana taste to their food, whereas others state that there is no flavour to the use of banana at all.
  3. Nut butter: When you choose a nut butter, it’s best to go with the creamy option as it’ll blend in the best with all of the other ingredients in the recipe. Of course, if you prefer crunchy nut butter instead, go for it. The flavour will be impressive, and nut butter is also loaded with healthy fats and proteins, just like traditional eggs would be. This is often preferred in baking recipes, as the nut flavour can impact its use in, say, a casserole. This is particularly popular in pancakes.

Getting used to egg replacements

If you’ve just discovered that you are allergic to eggs and you want to ease yourself into the idea of a replacement, consider the idea of following this list in terms of using the replacements. That is, start with the commercial and store-bought replacement first. It should be the easiest option to adapt to, and it will offer no change in flavour, even in casseroles or other recipes that call for eggs. From there, try mashed banana followed by nut butter and see which of these is your favourite. You may even find that you prefer #2 in some options, whereas #1 is preferred in others. That’s the beauty of having more than one option!

Regardless of what you’ve tried before as well as your own personal tastes, it’s nice to know that you have options when you are allergic to eggs. It’s just about finding the right replacement that works for you.