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Abdominal bloating, or a bloated stomach as it is also known can be an embarrassing symptom but is not usually painful. It can cause awkward situations and can be involved in someone having to loosen their clothes or lie down for an extended period of time. If your stomach becomes bloated every time you eat a certain food then it is important that you get a food allergy test or an intolerance test. Could nuts be causing your bloated stomach?

What is a bloated stomach?

Bloating is a common complaint and is one of the more common symptoms that we are asked about here in Allergy Test Australia. Sometimes blamed on excess gas within an individual’s bowel, it can often be associated with abdominal distension, leading to clothing having to be loosened. Bloat can get people down, both physically and mentally. Relaxing the muscles unconsciously can often alleviate your symptoms and relieve discomfort. Disappearing and lying flat on your back can stop a bloated stomach, as well as an intolerance test or a food allergy test.

Avoiding eating bad foods

Avoiding eating foods which cause you pain is one of the more simple ways to avoid bloat, but you need a food allergy test to do this at first. Interestingly, according to Guts Charity, bloating may also be caused by rich, fatty meals which delay stomach emptying.

What’s the best diet to get rid of your bloat?

Did you know that a high fibre diet can cause a bloated stomach in some people, but it can actually relieve bloat in many individuals. The fibre in your diet absorbs water in the gut and gently distends it. So, our solution would be to take an allergy test or an intolerance test, depending on your symptoms, meaning you can find out which food items you need to remove from your diet. One piece of advice that Allergy Test sticks by is that you should remove fizzy drinks from your diet as they can cause a wide range of symptoms, leaving people with a bloated stomach and gassy in particular.

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