Your New Year's Resolution Tool - Allergy Test Australia

A study found that the majority of people will have given up their New Year’s resolution by the second weekend of January. Two weeks of the year and most people will have jacked it in. For many people, the reason is that they’re finding the switch too difficult to adjust to or that they do not see the results they’re looking for.

For many people, this means that they do not see the weight loss they’re hoping for, for others it might mean that they’re still feeling short of breath whenever they go for a quick jog. This may be the result of the lifestyle change not yet having an effect, but it could also be the result of something more sinister. It might be a sign its time to get tested for allergies.

We want you to keep to your New Year’s resolution, so here we look at the two most common New Year’s resolutions and a few things you might be experiencing that could signal a need to get tested for allergies.

Short of breath when joggingjogger tested for allergies

Puffing and panting five minutes into your new jogging route can be incredibly dispiriting and even off-putting to the point that it ends with you giving up altogether. When you know that your fitness levels will improve and you will eventually manage to get further into your run without struggling for breath, its an incentive. But when you see no improvement in your ability to run without getting breathless, we think its time to get tested for allergies. Shortness of breath and a tight chest are a classic symptom of allergies. An allergy can provoke inflammation of the airways which restricts your breath intake. By getting tested for allergies, you can take the steps necessary to relieve your symptoms and begin your journey to your running goals.

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weight lost tested for allergiesNo visible weight loss

Denying yourself your favourite foods is not a sustainable diet, and so your first step should be to understand how to eat the foods you enjoy within a calorie-controlled diet. But what happens if you’ve been doing this and you still appear to be carrying a food baby at all times. It’s time to get tested for allergies. With our tests, you can identify the foods that may be causing you food intolerance symptoms such as bloating of the stomach. By performing an elimination diet off the back of your results, you can begin to reduce digestive irritation which is leading to excess production of gas, the cause of stomach bloating.

Conquer your New Year’s resolution today by getting tested for allergies. You can find a test to suit your budget here.