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Why you should take an intolerance test

An intolerance test helps you to identify symptoms. Which symptoms are caused by an intolerance? 

Now, there are many different intolerance tests for food and non-food items which are available around the world. The 21st century has seen a rapid rise in the prevalence of allergies and intolerances, and this has also seen the demand for an intolerance test increase. People have taken a personal interest in improving their own health and what better way is there to do that finding out what foods are causing you to experience headaches, fatigue and on many occasions, a bloated stomach. Check out Allergy Test Australia can help you and why we believe you should order the correct intolerance test.

Identifying your sensitivities with an intolerance test

Food intolerances are actually quite common and very different to a food allergy, despite the terms being used interchangeably, so it is very important that you know the difference. Rough estimates have highlighted that many people choose to change their diet and remove foods from their diet without any evidence, support or guidance. This is known as an elimination diet but there are many people who undertake this diet through pure guesswork, without actually knowing what is causing their symptoms. This can be dangerous as people end up removing nutritional items from their diet which are actually providing them with the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

intolerance testing with blood

With an intolerance test, however, you can learn exactly what items are causing your symptoms, and therefore only remove the relevant items. Imagine you eat chicken every other day (if you don’t get bored of it), and yet you are feeling tired, bloated or have a headache every other day, it could be that you have a food intolerance. An intolerance test will tell you whether or not the chicken is actually the culprit.

What is an elimination diet?

If you are bored of having a bloated stomach every time you go out to visit friends or to a party, then an intolerance test will help you to discover what is causing these symptoms. However, an intolerance test does not stop a bloated stomach, it simply tells you how to manage it. Once the culprit has been identified, you can embark on an elimination diet. This method can be long and laborious, requiring patience, motivation, and willpower. It is though, extremely beneficial! You can do an elimination diet without knowing what is causing your symptoms, but this can use up a lot of time, and as a result, your symptoms will continue to impact on your life.

intolerance test and elimination diet

The evidence behind it

Whorwell et al (2004) reviewed the case of food elimination based on IgG antibodies in IBS and produced the results of a randomised controlled trial. There are many people suffering from IBS who feel that they have some sort of dietary intolerance, and they often try an elimination diet without any basis of what is causing their symptoms. The results from this research indicated that an elimination diet based on IgG antibodies can actually be effective in reducing symptoms like headaches, tiredness and a bloated stomach. To identify the cause of your symptoms and find out which foods you need to eliminate, you can order an intolerance test here.


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