Dairy Intolerance: What are the alternatives? | Allergy Test Australia

A lactose or dairy intolerance is a common intolerance is caused when a person is missing the ‘lactase’ enzyme, meaning that the natural sugar found in animal milk and milk products is much harder to break down. The most common symptoms of a lactose or dairy intolerance include bloating, cramps and diarrhoea.

If you believe you may be intolerant to dairy products, and in particular, milk, then you’re lucky to have stumbled upon this blog post! We’re discussing the many lactose-free alternatives to milk so that you can still enjoy the milk-based products you love, without the worry or pain.

Firstly, if you believe you may have a lactose or dairy intolerance, then you should try intolerance testing with Allergy Test to clarify exactly which products you’re intolerant to. You may find your results surprising, and they will be able to assist you in a reduction or elimination diet in order to stop symptoms and leave you feeling happy and healthy again. Intolerance testing is particularly beneficial for those who may have kept a food diary but can’t seem to find any correlation to their symptoms and the food they’re eating – it may be that you’re being accidentally exposed to the item you’re intolerant to via other products.

Most alternative milk products are now fortified with calcium and vitamin D, so you don’t even have to miss out on the good things that animal milk provides the body with. Here we’re discussing our favourite alternatives to animal milk and how you can use them in your everyday life:

Soya Milk – A creamy flavour that is great for tea and coffee. Available in both sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

Almond Milk – A tasty milk alternative which is slightly nutty in flavour – again, this can be available in sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

Rice Milk – Typically made up of 14% rise, oil, salt and water, this is a great alternative to drink straight up instead of a glass of milk.

Hemp Milk – Hemp milk is absolutely full of incredible health benefits, including Omega-3 which is beneficial for a healthy heart.

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