Bloated Stomach To Beach Body In One Easy Step - Allergy Test Australia

Summer is nearly here, and you’ve been doing crunches, eating next to nothing, and you still have that pot belly and permanently gassed up feeling. Somethings not right, surely? Right.

Did you know that many allergies may be accounting for your inability to reach your body goal? 


Gluten is a type of protein that is in a wide range of grain and wheat-based foods and an intolerance can have several side effects on your body, including headaches, stomach cramps and joint pain. A severe gluten allergy is known as celiac disease and can result in severe damage to your digestive system.


FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) are a group of poorly absorbed simple and complex sugars found in a variety of foods including fruits and milk. FODMAP sensitivity causes predominantly digestive side effects due to the difficulty some individuals have in dealing with them. They are also known to exacerbate existing digestive disorders.


A shortage of lactase enzymes can lead to the body struggling to digest lactose which results in a variety of digestive side effects. These include excess gas, abdominal pain and nausea. These symptoms can all contribute to a bloated stomach. We looked at identifying a lactose intolerance in a previous blog.

How to get rid of my bloated stomach

An allergy test will tell you which foods are causing you issues. Once you have your results, you can begin to remove the culprits with an elimination diet. We can offer full support in completing an elimination diet when you buy an allergy test.