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It is a good idea to test for food allergies

Test for food allergies. How can they help you?

If you feel that some foods are having a negative impact on your kid maybe you should get a test for food allergies done just to be sure. You need to visit a certified allergist to find out. He will ask about the food you eat and what you think you might be allergic to and some of your symptoms. It is possible for him to figure out the problem just from the answers you give but if not then he might suggest doing a test.

Allergy testing

This test will help your physician to pinpoint the foods you are allergic to. The test is not guaranteed and you will need to work with your doctor so as to get diagnosed correctly. There are some tests that your doctor can perform to determine your allergies.

Skin test

This is the fastest and most common test for food allergies. This allows your doctor to check for many possible foods at the same time. The testing process is simple. Your doctor will apply liquid food to your skin and then prick it. It there is a reaction like the appearance of a bump the gets red like an insect bite, you are allergic. If there is no reaction it is most likely you are not allergic. You can discuss with your doctor the options available to you.

Blood test

With this test, your doctor takes a small amount of your blood and test it against certain allergens. This is not a test that is used often by doctors. The only time doctors use this test for food allergies is when they think they know what you are allergic to. This ensures that they don’t expose you’re the allergen. A lab usually conducts this test and it will take a couple weeks for the results to be ready.

The test done are not a hundred percent accurate and they have no way of predicting how critical the allergy maybe.

Food challenge

This is a test that most doctors don’t conduct. The reason for this is because it can be perilous for those with very bad food allergies. This test is usually conducted as confirmation for the other two tests. It is also the test doctors use to understand if an allergy is outgrown by a child. This test can also be used to eliminate foods. Not all foods that react to the skin test will cause a reaction if eaten.

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