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Your guide to our subscriptions

Want to keep track of your health on a monthly basis? 

Then look no further.

We have implemented a new system that lets you choose a monthly subscription of our health products that will be delievered to your doorstep hassle free. 

Choose between 3 months, 6 months or yearly where you’re in control.

Monthly plans

Paying for your subscription is just as simple as paying for a one off test.

You can still purchase your health test as a single, couples (2 persons), or even family (4 persons), but save even more money by subscribing to us and saving 8% off the original prices!

How it works

Once you have made a purchase through out monthly subscription, then our product will be sent immediately to you. We will only charge you for what you receive, if you have purchased a product to be delievered every 3 month for example, then you will only be charged each time you receive the product. 

Your right to cancel

The best part of our subscription plan is that you’re in control and you have a right to cancel it at anytime.

To do this, simply make your way to your: Account – My Subscriptions – Cancel 

Change Address

Moved house? Want your product delievered elsewhere? No problem

Simply go to My Account – My Subscription – Change Address.

A quick and easy way to change your address.

Change Payment Method

Card expired? Want to update your card details.

Simply go to My Account – My Subscription – Change Payment.

A quick and easy way to change your payment credentials.

View subscription orders

Ordered more than one product on subscription and want to view where these are?

Simply go to My Account – My Subscription – scroll down to Related orders.