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How to take your saliva sample


Receive your testing kit in the post

Peel open the foil pouch enclosed. Open the swab tube by pressing the upper part of the cap with your thumb. Remove the swab by holding the white cap.
To ensure accurate results, please do not eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes prior to swabbing

Taking the test

Insert the swab head between cheek and lower gums. Roll the swab 10 times. Repeat this process on the other cheek.
Press the swab back into the tube. Press firmly until you hear a click.

Filling out your details

Using a pen, fill in your details on the barcoded sticker and adhere to the swab tube. The top part is for you to keep


Registering your DNA sample

Once done, visit www.mydna.life/register and register your DNA sample using the barcode number provided.


Returning your sample

Place the swab tube in the enclosed reply paid plastic envelope and return it to the lab. Follow the enclosed instructions for how to send your DNA sample.
Once the third-party lab receives your sample, you will be notified.

Frequently asked questions

What health tests do you offer?

Vitamin D at-home blood test, urine sample liver function testing, urine kidney testing and DNA wellness propensity reporting.

Do I need to visit a health practice for this testing?

No, all of our health tests come with complete instructions so you can complete the tests at home quickly and easily.

Are your health tests scientifically validated?

Yes, all the health tests we offer on our site are scientifically validated, easy-to-use, and delivered to your front door.

How often should I complete a health test?

We recommend to our clients to complete health tests once or twice a year, as they are the fastest way to get easy-to-understand results that you can act on.

How accurate are the DNA testing kits and the reports?

A strict quality assurance process combined with myDNA’s state of the art laboratory facilities allows handlers of your DNA to control the reliability and validity of the tests.

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