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Find a happier, healthier you, today. For over 14 years we’ve helped over 450,000 people worldwide by offering clinically validated and complementary therapy tests. Our expert team help you easily discover the cause of symptoms supported by 24/7 customer care and a Trusted Shops guarantee.

Find a happier, healthier you, today. For over 14 years we’ve helped over 450,000 people worldwide by offering clinically validated and complementary therapy tests.

Our expert team help you easily discover the cause of symptoms supported by 24/7 customer care and a Trusted Shops guarantee.

Australia's highest-rated allergy testing company, buy safely and securely with the Trusted Shops Guarantee. Read reviews from over 450,000+ customers .

Buy Safely & Securely with Trusted Shops

Australia's Leading Allergy Testing Company

Reviews From Over 450,000 Customers

About Us

Australia's Number 1 Allergy & Intolerance Company

Achieve better health with our accurate allergy, food intolerance, sensitivity and health tests.

Our own accredited laboratories and scientific team continuously innovate and ensure quality. We also partner with approved labs and test manufacturers to bring you the very best health insights at home.

For over 14 years, we have been a worldwide leader, providing clients with answers at exceptional value for money.

Our Allergy & Intolerance tests have been voted the best for 'Mystery Allergies’ by Verywell Health 2022!

Our tests were voted 2022 best for ‘Mystery Allergies’ by Verywell Health!

Best sellers



Sensitivity Test Plus

  • 975 sensitivities tested
  • (Food, drink & environment)

  • Hair strand sample



You Save: $88 (61%)



Intolerance Test

  • 63 intolerances tested
  • (Food & drink)

  • Blood spot sample used



You Save: $80 (31%)


Most Comprehensive

Allergy & Intolerance Test

  • 38 allergies tested
  • 40 intolerances tested
  • Blood spot sample



You Save: $110 (33%)


Fast Results

Liver Function Test

  • 10 key liver functions tested
  • Urine sample
  • Results in less than an hour



You Save: $5 (10%)

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Support 9,000+ people per month

Quality in-house laboratories

Endorsed by practitioners

Largest global network of testing


ISO certified facilities

Results from our labs in 5-7 days

Faster alternative to Doctors

SAVE with couples & family options

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Sensitivity testing science explained

How to take a hair sample

Allergy & intolerance science

How to take a blood sample

We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you on your health and wellness journey in any language. Learn more about us and our tests or chat with us.

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Why choose us?

Easy and quick at-home testing

Suffering from discomfort or undiagnosed symptoms happens to most of us and can be something you’ve lived with for years.

Our wide range of allergy, food intolerance, sensitivity and health tests help you understand potential triggers and key biomarkers from the comfort of your own home.

Over 9000 people every month trust us to provide fast and accurate results. We support you through your wellness journey with our 24hr, seven-day-a-week expert care team. Take control of your health today!

Fully qualified team

Our Scientific Expertise

Expert Nutrition & Care Team

Help and support is provided by a team of nutritionists, nutritional therapists and experienced customer care advisors.

With over 10 years’ experience in providing superb customer service, Donna Mastriani-Taylor oversees the day to day running of our customer service team and processes.

Donna Mastriani-Taylor,
Nutritionist / Care Manager

Qualified & Experienced Lab Teams

Our specialist allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity testing lab teams comprise expert microbiologists and experienced laboratory technicians.

Kate Young, our laboratory manager, has over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Bio Scientist and Embryologist, meaning your sample is in safe hands.

Kate Young,
Lab Manager

Our Regulatory Advisor

Our regulatory expert, otherwise known as a Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC), ensures that our company adheres to legal requirements for health testing.

Nida Ali is a qualified lawyer with experience in creating clinical evaluation reports for the last 6 years.

Nida Ali,
Regulatory Advisor and PRRC

Accredited and Endorsed Business

We are an accredited ISO9001 Allergy & Intolerance testing business and proud members of the Complementary Medical Association.

Our tests are also endorsed by Verywell Health and the Farr institute.

Our customer promise


Results within 7 working days of your sample arriving at our labs


LiveChat with us in any language, 24 hours, 7 days a week


100% money-back guarantee with sensitivity testing


Expert advice in your bespoke results.


Purchase in complete security and receive 100% money-back guarantee on all of our hair testing products! Read our promise.

100% money-back guarantee on all of our sensitivity testing products!

Purchase in complete security, read our customer promise!

Read reviews from our

450,000+ customers


Good validity!

I am pleased with the blood results as it highlighted allergies that I knew I already had since a young child (increasing the validity) and also new food allergies that I did not know I had.

I am looking forward to eliminating these foods from my diet!

Hannah F


Can see the difference

Very good. Would not fault it at all. I am very happy i have done the test, which was recommended by my colleague.

Now i am careful and i have eliminated most foods i have sensitivity to according to my results and see the difference.

Helen B


Foods eliminated

I have eliminated the foods that you recommended and have been thrilled to add back some foods that I previously thought were problems for me.

I feel so much better! I have recommended your testing to many people. Thank you!

Riva V


No more symptoms

I knew I had allergies but my doctor refused to run a test as it wasn’t urgent. I did my research and bought from this company and was really pleased.

It was not only the items I thought, but now I have cut them out I no longer have my symptoms. Great result.

Richard G


Happy mum

My mother has been having some stomach issues and wanted to find out exactly what was wrong, the doctors couldn’t tell her.

Now my mom can make those subtle food changes and have a much happier stomach and not be questioning everything she eats!

Helena S


So profressional throughout

When I saw the number of items tested for the price, I was doubtful, but it was so professional throughout.

Got my test back in days and the report gave me so much information. Really good value.

Wayne S


So easy to do!

The test was so easy to do from reading the instructions, quick and easy delivery, great customer service!

Great way of testing if you are like me and frightened of blood tests!



Receive results easily

Follow the status of your order, receive your results and store them directly in our Healthy Stuff app.

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Farr Institute recommended. “No-risk test for food sensitivity – money-back guarantee means you have nothing to lose”. Read more here.

Farr Institute recommended. “No-risk test for food sensitivity."

"Money-back guarantee means you have nothing to lose”. Read more here.

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