Nutritional Therapy

Since 2008 we’ve been helping our clients understand their unique food intolerances and allergies that may have been significantly impacting their health.
We believe our tests to be just the first step in your journey to optimal health. To get the most benefit from your results, we offer access to registered nutritional therapists.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

When you book your first nutritional therapy session, you’ll be assigned a fully trained, registered nutritional therapist. They use their expertise & training to work with you towards understanding your results and identifying changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to improve your health in the way you desire.

Our nutritional therapists are passionate about ‘biochemical individuality’; the fact that everyone’s biological chemistry is unique.

Nutritional therapy can be used to optimise:

Gut Health
Hormone balance
Brain function
Physical performance

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What Happens During An Initial Consultation?

Your initial consultation will last 30 minutes and is your nutritional therapist’s chance to build a picture of your overall lifestyle. Including your diet, activity level, and symptoms. They will ask a few questions to understand which factors could be preventing you from living a healthier life. They will then use both this information provided and your test results to make recommendations on what changes you need to make to begin your journey. They can advise on diet, supplements and other lifestyle changes you can immediately put into practice.

Your Nutritional Therapist may feel that a more in-depth analysis of your lifestyle and test results is necessary for them to offer adequate advice. If this is the case, they may ask you to complete a questionnaire and food diary. With this information, they can offer more informed advice and give you tailored support.

Any and all information provided is confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection. Therapists do not supply information or data back to us or third-parties.

Can I Have Further Consultations?

Definitely. Your journey may be full of ups and downs, having a Nutritional Therapist to support you throughout can make your efforts far more effective. As you experience changes in your health, your unique requirements are likely to change as well. Working with a nutritional therapist can also help with accountability. They’ll help you stay on track and maintain the changes you make as well as look at any further improvements you could make to reach complete optimal development.

Your Nutritional Therapist is a guide on your journey towards better health.

What Happens Afterwards?

Following your initial 30 minute consultation, your Nutritional Therapist will send you an email with a Nutrition Guide.

You may also receive:

  • Information sheets
  • Recipes
  • Supplement recommendations

What are you waiting for? Book your Nutritional Therapy Session today and begin and to see the benefits!

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