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An EpiPen joke in a restaurant advertisement has angered parents of children suffering from allergies

A joke which featured on facebook and other advertising channels has been condemned by many people who are suffering from allergies. The ad encourages people with known allergies to peanuts and chocolate to eat the dessert anyway and deal with the consequences (being admitted to hospital and potentially worse). But should this joke be condemned or is that what it is? A joke. Allergy Parents are outrage, are you? Read the full story here.

Food allergies are not a joke and should not be treated as such

Good news regarding Allergies and babies: New website to educate parents how and when to introduce foods

In news which will definitely benefit children suffering from allergies and helping us to deal with them, new research has indicated that introducing foods associated with allergies like peanuts, fish and what can actually help you to cope with intolerances and allergies. also believe that it can prevent a lifetime of added stress!

Allergy testing could be solved by introducing foods at an early age

Ooooooh! Australian Researchers hope a monthly jab can end peanut allergies

Wow! This is great news, and something we felt we needed to share. Australian researchers have made a MASSIVE breakthrough when it comes to a possible cure for peanut allergies. According to The West Australian, researchers have developed a life-changing injection that could make serious reactions a thing of the past. Check out our most extensive tests here if you think allergy testing would be right for you!

Allergy testing can help you with peanuts

You’re not going nuts! Why are Australians allergic to everything?

🌰🥜 Going NUTS! 🌰🥜 Good Food is asking why us Aussie’s are becoming allergic to everything. Two generations ago, EpiPens were unheard of and taking peanut butter to school didn’t provoke hostile debate between parents, now, however, things are getting worse! What have you found you’re allergic to? If you don’t know, order an allergy test today!

nut allergies can affect your livelihood

Facts and stats about food allergies and Allergy Test

Approximately 2 per cent of all adults suffer from a food allergy according to Australian Institute of Food Safety, as well as 4 to 8 per cent of children up to five years of age. 😢 These shocking statistics are on the rise, and it’s time to take the guesswork out. Did you know a quick Allergy Test Australia test could give you the answers you need…? 🛒

8 most common food allergies

A tick bite can make you allergic to meat AND milk! HOW?

A woman was walking through Lane Cove National Park, not far from Sydney’s CBD, when she was bitten by about 30 newly-hatched ticks. Ten days later, after eating beef, she went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital. Four days of tests failed to determine why her heart had stopped. This interesting story has been noted here, which will you help you understand it more. However, you can find out yourself if you have an allergy with Allergy Test.

For more information on allergy testing, you can check out to see more.

tick bites can cause allergies. An allergy test can help you identify you have an allergy

Gluten Intolerance – Stay off the bread

Being gluten intolerant usually means that bread is off the menu and the meal plan! However, a Melbourne woman has found a strange exception to the rule… Check it out here!

Strangely, it’s said that some people who react to wheat in Australia find they can eat wheat in France — but it sounded too good to be true… But when Susan put it to the test she found it to be true! If you want to know whether or not you have an intolerance to gluten, you can order an allergy test here.

Allergy Test can help you identify a gluten intolerance

Wow! A high rate of allergies in Australia

WIth allergies and allergy testing on the rise, it is now known that Australia has one of the highest rates of allergies in the world, and according to research from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, it now has the highest published rates of food allergy in children! This emphasises the importance of allergy testing, and if you would like to order your own allergy test, click here.

It is estimated, (thanks to this research), that approximately 1 in 10 infants experiences a food allergy. At Allergy Test, we also know that there has been between two to threefold increase in the presentations to emergency departments in Australia because of anaphylaxis. Check out more of the story here.

An allergy test is important if you are in australia

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